Ronnie Pickering's son says his father is a 'great guy'

Craig Pickering posted a picture of himself and his father on Twitter accompanied by the words: “My dad is a great guy”

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The son of Ronnie Pickering, who found unexpected fame when footage of his expletive-filled outburst at a moped driver went viral online, has defended his father on social media.

Craig Pickering, the son of 54-year-old “road rage Ronnie”, posted a picture of the pair together on his Twitter account, accompanied by the words: “My dad is a great guy”.

Mr Pickering’s father became an internet sensation after footage of the confrontation was shared on Reddit as “a very British road rage incident”.

The video has since been watched over half a million times and has prompted a series of memes and mash-up videos.

The grandfather-of-five was caught on camera pulling up alongside the moped in his cherry-red Citroen Picasse in Hull.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked, before shouting: “Ronnie f****** Pickering!” increasingly aggressively.

The bewildered moped rider replied, “You someone famous, are you?” to which Mr Pickering dubbed him a “c***” and a “f******* muppet”, challenging him to a fight.

This is the first time Craig Pickering’s account had been active since 2012 and the tweet praising his father has been followed by a number of other posts responding to comments about the road-rage video.

Replying to Piers Morgan’s post, “I’m a big fan of Ronnie Pickering”, Mr Pickering’s son said: “My dad said he likes you to [sic]”.

Craig Pickering also had a riposte for comedian Matt Lucas, who tweeted on Monday: “Mum says if I’m good I can have a Ronnie Pickering toy for Christmas”.

Since the incident, Mr Pickering has apologised for his outburst telling the Hull Daily Mail that he is “not an aggressive guy”.

Mr Pickering has offered to speak with the moped rider about the incident, although the man has not yet responded to the suggestion.