Best April Fools ever? Student pranks teacher with awkward speakerphone pregnancy call

Teacher momentarily fears for his job

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A Michigan student turned her teacher's efforts to embarrass her back on him, in an inspired prank that saw a very public reveal of 'pregnancy results'.

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The Aquinas College teacher introduced a rule that if a student's phone rang during a lesson they had to answer it in front of the class - an effort to boost concentration but also an irresistible opportunity for a prank phone call.

As an accomplice secretly films from the other side of the classroom, the girl takes a call from what is purportedly a 'pregnancy resource centre', with a look of horror immediately crossing the face of the teacher.

As the hoax caller tells Ms. Nefcy she is 'pregnant' and makes everyone aware that the father isn't in the picture, the teacher hides behind his paper, before sheepishly saying: "Hey, I want to publically apologise…",tailing off as he contemplates the repercussions of his back-firing plan.

Salvation comes with the punchline however as she assures him: "I've been expecting this and I know what I'm going to call the baby, the first name will be April and the last name will be Fools."

The teacher then dissolves into laughter, later managing a: "Bonus points, that was awesome… You don't understand the relief…"