Tesla hotel: Driver rents out car on Airbnb

The £58 per night 'room' comes with clean sheets and two electric candles for mood lighting

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In what appears to be a bid to make a fast buck, a driver in the US is listing his car as a hotel on Airbnb.

The host, Steve Sasman, is offering users the dubious privilege of sleeping in what he is calling the “World’s 1st TESLA Hotel!”

But details on the listing quickly make it clear that Sasman, a part-time taxi driver and rental specialist from Phoenix, Arizona, is hardly offering a hotel - rather charging users $85 (£58) per night to sleep on an airbed in the back of his car locked in his garage.

“Want to experience the amazing TESLA Model S? Now is your chance to CAMP in a TESLA for the most unique stay possible. How often do you get to sleep in a $118,000 Electric Car?” Sasman asks users on Airbnb.

He adds that the car will act as “your 'Private Room'” adding that access to a kitchen, TV room and bathroom are also available in Sasman’s condo.

Oddly, the listing states that 1.5 bathrooms are available to guests.

“You can set the mood with your selection of any Internet music you would like on the huge 17" monitor,” Sasman adds in his attempt to lure customers.

The advert claims that the car can accommodate two people on one airbed, and also comes with heating, shampoo, clean sheets, pillows and a blanket or comforter, and two radio-controlled, battery-powered candles to set the mood.

The price section explains that there are no charges for extra people – whether they’d fit in the Tesla or not being another question - and a security deposit of £68 ($100) must be paid before anyone can use Sasman’s services.

But despite the home comforts, guests must be out of the car by 8am so Sasman can drive to work. As a consolation “guests are free to hang out in the Condo and even sleep-in longer on the big comfy couch if you like,” he says.

“Price includes a Tesla pick-up & drop-off at Sky Harbor Airport IF our schedules match up! We can discuss guided tours of Phoenix in the Tesla if you wish!” he adds.

And while he boasts of how roomy his Tesla is, he jokingly stipulates: “Sorry, NO NBA Players allowed. Despite my love for basketball, the Tesla is just too small for anyone over 6' 6”. Please...stop asking.”

Mr Sasman bought the car four months ago but so far no one has taken him up on his offer.

He told CBS5: “I’ve already slept in this thing three times so why not let other people do it?”