Uber promo code: The 5 signs of free cab addiction

Uber has turned the taxi industry on its head

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Since taxi app Uber launched a promotion offering £20 (now £10) worth of credit for both referrers and referees, users have begun feverishly firing out their unique promo codes to anyone who will listen in the quest to stack up free rides, to the point where there are now roughly two tweets-a-minute about the offer. Two tweets a minute!

If the below is familiar, you're as lazy, thrifty and mercenary about travel as I am.

1. Everybody is a potential mark

Got a friend visiting from rural parts? Perhaps one who isn't au fait with all the latest apps? This person is a prime target for your Uber gaming, and will not make it through 'So how was your weekend?' before you've forced the deal on them.

2. Any conversation about travel makes your eyes light up

Someone just whacked out Citymapper to navigate their way home? Oh yeah, they're getting the code.

The Uber code, thrust around more than a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet

3. All destinations now seem absurdly far away and therefore immensely taxi-able.

15-minute journey back from work? Nipping to the shop? Drunken stumble home? Why would you get a Tube or a night bus when you could get be sat in the back of a Toyota Prius falling asleep to Smooth FM for NOTHING. ?

4. Your friends are liable to Uber refer your other friends, and must be destroyed at all costs.

That mutual friend has '£20 worth of cab' written all over them, who will be quickest on the Whatsapp draw?

5. You can reconcile yourself to actually listen to Robin Thicke for once...