The only video about a car fan you need watch

Never has a dashboard been so hypnotic

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An owner of a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT has discovered a surprising new feature to the model, which at worst is mildly interesting/pretty mesmeric and at best looks like it could tear a hole in a parallel universe.

The YouTube video is entitled 'Crazy car vent', which is doing it in an injustice since this is a straight up INSANE car vent.

The driver discovered that, spun at the right angle, the fans' struts spin at a fantastic rate, rotating much like a propeller and making the noise of a jet engine taking off.

While utterly useless, the newly-discovered feature has delighted the internet, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube.

Here goes nothing, Jim (Picture: YouTube)

"This explains why Pontiac went out of business, putting Flux capacitors in cars gets quite expensive," one wrote, with another adding: "How do I share this with every person in the world?"

The YouTube comments soon reached their inevitable juvenile conclusion however, with one simply writing: "Stick d*ck in it."