What's the weirdest question your kids ever asked? Reddit parents share strange insights into their children's minds

'Do Big Macs grow on trees?'

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Where previously parents might have shared their kids’ difficult questions with friends or other parents at the local playgroup, online message board Reddit has brought parental advice into the internet age.

The thread was started so that parents could share the weird questions their children asked them and although some are endearing, others are downright creepy.

One woman's response that upon buying her child a happy meal, their daughter asked whether they could plant the sesame seeds in the back garden, although another poster revealed that the daughter was intending to marry their husband when they grew up.

In a particularly inappropriate post, one child asked her parents who were watching the film Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo, if a woman with a prosthetic leg "was a Barbie".

Some turned out to exhibit pretty creative thinking from the outset. A father who attempted to explain that his son lived with him to make his mother happy, was told "maybe if you get me sweeties and I'll be more happy".

While, a lot of the questions concerned children's curiosity and an attempt to understand what they are seeing, inevitably the birds and the bees came up.

None of them however, could measure up to the one child who appeared to exhibit some homicidal tendencies regarding her great grandmother.