This half-buffalo, half-crocodile 'hybrid' probably just has bad skin

The people in the Thai village where the weird buffalo was born hope it will bring them good luck

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A bizarrely deformed buffalo has been born in a rural village in eastern Thailand.

Pictures taken of the buffalo, which died shortly after it was born, show unusual scaly skin and a flat elongated head, making it look slightly reptilian.

Some are speculating that this unusual creature is some kind of mammal-reptile hybrid - it's much more likely that the poor thing just has bad skin.

Pic: Matichon TV/YouTube

Thai news website Rath Online reported the unusual find, and said the strange buffalo proved quite an attraction in the rural province of Sisaket.

The family who own the buffalo were reportedly pleased, as they believed the animal would bring them good luck.

Villagers came to see the animal and asked for lottery numbers from the family, in the hope that some of their luck would rub off.