This is our favourite newspaper typo of the week

American paper hails the debut of the first-ever amphibious baseball player

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American sports can be pretty weird at the best of times, but a recent typo from a US newspaper took baseball into an unusually surreal place.

The picture of the unfortunate misprint in the East Oregonian newspaper was tweeted yesterday by Neil Woelk, a journalism advisor at Colorado State University.

In case you haven't got it yet, the subeditor meant to write 'ambidextrous' - as Pat Venditte, the baseball player in question, threw both right and left-handed.

But that wouldn't be quite as funny.

And of course, with Twitter being Twitter, there were plenty of people waiting in the wings to make some terrible puns.

It's important to make sure your paper is consistent and professional, but it's always more fun when a good typo slips through the cracks.