TV tech realises he's in shot, reacts like a flying squirrel

Stunned, the man opts to dive wildly

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TV news reporter gaffes are a plentiful source of amusement, but since the BBC's Simon McCoy presented a segment holding a stack of papers he had mistaken for his iPad, it's been difficult to make an impression in the genre.

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But now a new challenger emerges, and he doesn't actually work as reporter or an anchor. In fact, he doesn't even belong in front of the camera.

The crew member on Hungarian show Duna Televízió is caught in shot following a cutaway, running through the studio as the presenter delivers a piece to camera.

You might expect him to turn and run back in the opposite direction, but instead he pauses for a moment before making a spectacular swan dive onto the studio floor much like a flying squirrel leaving its perch.

He falls tragically short however, regroups and stands back up before running behind a screen.

The host continues to plough through the segment, unaware of the GIF history being made behind him.