Utah house almost entirely obscured by tumbleweeds following windstorm

Tumbleweeds were stacked ground to roof by the winds

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While tumbleweeds are often imagined as solitary literary devices used to lampoon the absence of drama, when literally thousands of them stick to your house in a storm it's no laughing matter.

One Southern Utah resident's house was left completely blocked up by the dead plants, which stacked themselves as high as the roof and rendered the doors, windows and garage unusable.

A picture of the building's façade was posted by the owner on Reddit, where users got distracted with how much it looks like Hank's house from Breaking Bad (the 'I am the one who gently rolls' jokes came thick and fast).

"They are the worst, there are a million tumbleweeds here," the original poster explained. "They are actual balls of stickers. They suck to try and pick up or clean up, you get all cut up. The best way to dispose of them is burn them."

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Tumbleweeds have been terrorising houses across the south west of the USA this week following strong winds, with one man yesterday being held hostage in his home by them.

Wilford Ransom was forced to call a police emergency hotline asking to be rescued after he became trapped, eventually being dug out of his property by a neighbour.

"Those Westerns don't do 'em justice," he told the WSJ, of the mild public image associated with the wiry menace, adding: "I don't want to experience anything like that again. It was a little scary."