Video: Adorable two-year-old recites alphabet to heavy metal song

The video has received over 50,000 views on YouTube in just two days

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A hard rocking toddler has shown that learning something to music always helps recall after she recited her alphabet nearly faultlessly to a heavy metal backing track.

The “angry” two-year-old was filmed sitting on her father’s knee after bath time as she shouted and grimaced her way through a unique version of “The Alphabet Song”.

While she may struggle a bit with her Ms and Os, her grasp of the other 24 instruments of the English language was pretty spot on for someone so young. Obviously exhausted by the end of her energetic performance, the two-year-old decides that she has had enough of her dad and tells the camera, “I want mummy.”

The video was uploaded onto YouTube by the girl’s father, YouTube name cb6652, on Wednesday and has so far received over 50,000 views in just less than two days.