Video: Brazen woman drives home despite having wheel clamp attached to back wheel

The unidentified woman was auditioning for a US reality TV show when a parking attendant clamped her

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A wannabe reality TV star has become a global sensation but not necessarily in the way she was hoping after a video of her driving home with a wheel clamp attached to her car went viral.

The woman who had been auditioning for popular American reality television show Bad Girls Club returned to her BMW only to find a parking attendant attaching a clamp to its back wheel.

However, instead of meekly accepting her punishment and paying the inevitable fine, the female driver had other ideas and decided not even a wheel clamp could stop her from driving home. She tells the parking attendant, “I just bought this car three months ago”, before slamming the door and reversing backwards.

As the car awkwardly moves backwards, you can hear those filming wincing at what kind of damage driving with the clamp is doing to her vehicle.

The woman’s perseverance does eventually pay off though, with the clamp breaking away from the wheel, allowing the woman to drive off.

The video has already proved a massive hit on YouTube with just under 900,000 people watching the “Bad Girls” brazen actions.