Video: 'Giant' spider makes a cameo on BBC Scotland

A spider made it's way briefly into shot on the camera lens to capture its prey

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For viewers in Scotland this morning, the news bulletin would have delivered quite a shock.

As BBC Scotland presenter Graham Stewart presented the day's news, a small insect could be seen in the top right hand corner of the screen, evidently trapped in a spider's web on the camera lens.

Then, emerging from the corner of the screen, a spider appears and quickly collects its prey before scuttling off out of picture.

Of course, due to the spider's close proximity to the camera lens, the insect appeared worryingly huge, evoking images of the 2002 film Eight-Legged Freaks, where giants spiders terrorize an American town.

Fortunately for the Scottish people, today's event was simply a trick of the lens rather than a full-blown giant arachnid invasion.

For those who missed what Stewart was saying during the bulletin, the chairwoman of the Aberdeen International Youth Festival has resigned her post.