Video: London Underground passenger sings Rihanna, as commuter tries not to laugh

His fellow passengers desperately tried to ignore him

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A heart-warming video in which a commuter tries not to laugh as a man enthusiastically sings a pop song on a London Underground train has gone viral.

Filmed on a smartphone on the Northern line, the footage shows a young man leaning by the door of a tube carriage, as he gives a heart-felt rendition of Rhianna’s verse in Take Care by Canadian rapper Drake.

In no way dispelling the myth that Londoners silently ride the tube while desperately attempting to avoid eye contact with their fellow passengers, regardless of how bizarre their behaviour is, the commuter nibbles his lip and stares at his newspaper to contain his laughter.

The video then pans out to show that the train is packed full of passengers, many of whom are also ignoring the singer by staring at newspapers.

YouTube user maxmouche uploaded the video two years ago, but it re-emerged online recently and has been watched over two million times.

The YouTuber claims that the young man had been singing and rapping along to his MP3 player for the entirety of his journey. Perhaps he hoped a record company executive would be riding the London Underground.