Video: Not horsing around? Fire fighters called after pony falls into swimming pool

Over the years other animals - including elks, bulls and bears - have been caught taking a dip

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Fire fighters in Arizona were dispatched to a home after a horse managed to get trapped in a family’s swimming pool.

Footage, filmed by Mesa Fire and Medical department, showed emergency workers hauling Stormy the horse out of the pool after he got himself stuck.

Panicking, the owner had called in the fire brigade when his horse was unable to escape. Workers discovered the horse anxiously pacing the shallow end, before tranquilising the animal and lifting him out of the pool to safety.

The local vet reported Stormy was not hurt during his swim and he is now recovering well from the rescue operation.

It is not the first time an animal have taken a fancy to our chlorinated tanks.

National Geographic published an article last year suggesting animals – domesticated and wild – were attracted to our pools for the same reasons humans are: to play or cool off.

However, they also noted many animals fall into pools accidentally as their natural habitats are slowly destroyed, leaving them with less and less space.

Bullish behaviour

Earlier this year a team of fire fighters were called to a home in Texas to rescue a bull which had fallen into a swimming pool after it escaped from a local ranch near San Antonio.

An eyewitness reported the bull fell into the pool backwards before residents called the emergency services who hauled it out of the swimming hole.

There is an elk in my pool

On this side of the Atlantic, Swedish fire fighters were called to rescue a very confused elk after the animal fell into a swimming pool in January last year.

The confused mammal nearly landed back into the freezing waters after slipping on the ice surrounding the pool.

Bear good view

Sisters in California had an unusual surprise after coming home to find a bear enjoying the view from their infinity pool.

The bear enjoyed a brief dip – and the view – before disappearing back into the wild.