Video of one-year-old girl seeing rain for the first time reminds us that even bad weather is a wonder

Infant squeals with delight as she heads out into the rain

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Amid Tube strikes and flood defence debates it's easy to see rain as some nefarious agent of our demise, but a video circulating of 15-month-old Kayden going out in the rain for the first time is a simple remind of the wonder of nature.

The young girl is simultaneously awestruck and delighted in the video, throwing her hands up in the air as she experiences the inherent weirdness of tiny droplets of water falling from the sky for the first time.

Entitled 'Kayden + Rain', it has already attracted hundreds of comments, with one viewer writing: "I was delighted. This little girl reminds us all that we can enjoy the little things in life."

Another added: "I'm sitting here so stressed under a mountain of work to complete but this stopped me dead in my tracks. You had me in tears. What a great reminder of what life should be all about. This is so simple but so powerful."