Video: Real life GTA 5 as man fights car, punches thin air and spontaneously sprints before police swoop in

Man doesn't look unlike playable character Trevor Phillips

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I know what you're thinking; the very purpose of GTA V is to mimic the real world, so how can this one man so perfectly encapsulate it other than by generally walking around and living his life like we all do?

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The chain of events, caught on camera by onlookers from a nearby balcony, bear an uncanny resemblance to an ambling session on the Xbox 360/PS4 game however, let's break it down chronologically:

- Topless, the man bellows at nothing in particular in the middle of the road

- He then swings a hugely mis-timed punch at a passing car

- Waiting for further traffic, our protagonist then suddenly starts sprinting towards "the sexiest car he has ever seen", apparently with a view to stealing it

- At which point another car passes, and staggering towards it he is knocked down

- Lying on the tarmac and replenishing his health points, the man then finds the police screaming around the bend to arrest him.

The witness said of the man, who doesn't look unlike character Trevor Phillips: "This guy was outside of my house, obviously inebriated, challenging cars and passers-by to fights and generally being an a**hole.

"Not only does he get hit by a car, but (bonus!) he gets immediately arrested by some police that just happened upon the scene."

Whether an avid GTA Online player or just very inebriated it is unclear, but the man is surely only a base jump into a cliff face away from a role in GTA 6.