Video shows little boy’s adorable protest at ‘exasperating’ news his mother is pregnant

‘What were you thinking?!’

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It’s not often that the correct response to a woman happily announcing she is pregnant is “what were you thinking?!” - particularly coming from an adorable little boy.

That could be why this video posted online by a newly-expectant mother in the US has been watched across social media more than three million times.

It features a extraordinarily well-spoken toddler named Tré, who reacts to the news that he will have a new brother or sister by declaring: “This is exasperating.”

His mother, Shanee Gibson Hart from Fort Lewis in Washington, decided to film the moment she told Tré and his sister she was pregnant – and perhaps had reason to expect his response to be a bit special.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “My husband and I been keeping a secret from Tré, finally told him and he was not happy.

“He's so smart we are very proud of our kids!” she added.

In the footage, which has been shared 300,000 times on Facebook and received at least 10 times that many views on YouTube, Tré asks his mother why she wants to “replace” him and his sister.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” he says. “You just had two babies, you [should] keep loving them forever – not put another baby between us.”

Tré expresses particular concern over the prospect of a new baby’s crying which – particularly if it is a boy – he fears will be “even worse” than his sister’s.

Told that he will “just have to get used to the crying”, a resigned Tré finishes his complaint with the cheeky demand: “Well buy me some earplugs.”