Video: Star Wars and drone enthusiast makes amazingly realistic replica of Galactic Empire TIE Interceptor

Last month drone enthusiast Olivier C created a drone version of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon ship

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In a galaxy far, far away…or Grenoble, France to be more exact, one Star Wars and drone enthusiast has combined both of his passions by converting one of his remote controlled aircrafts into a “starfighter” made famous by the George Lucas films.

In a video released yesterday by drone modifier Olivier C, the internet was given their first view of his latest creation, a drone version of the Galactic Empire ship the Tie/IN Interceptor.

The craft is a scaled down Styrofoam replica of the starship made famous in the film Return of the Jedi and was custom made to fit Olivier C’s quadrocopter. To create the impressive ship, Olivier C first designed a stencil for the craft’s shape on a special design computer programme, before printing it out and cutting around the stencil to create the carbon and aluminium casing.

The different compartments are then locked together around the drone, before the model is painted grey and solar panels are added to its wings.

Small lights are also attached to the front and back to give the effect of thrusters and gunfire from the Interceptor.This is not the first Star Wars inspired drone Olivier C has created either, last month he released a video showing an impressive drone he had converted into Hans Solo’s Millennium Falcon.

And according to Olivier C, he doesn’t plan to stop there, on a forum for radio control enthusiasts he said that he planned to start work on a third Star Wars inspired drone, but has not yet revealed which one.

We wait with bated breath.