Video: Three rhinos caught on CCTV escaping safari park in Israel after guard falls asleep

Staff at the park were only alerted about the escape when passers by noticed the rhinos wandering around outside their enclosure

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Three rhinos have been caught on CCTV making a daring escape attempt at a safari park in Israel.

The three female animals, named Rihanna, Keren Peles and Karnabella, were able to make their bid at Ramat Gan Safari Park in Tel Aviv after one of the workers at the park had fallen asleep on 6 January.

  It was only after passers-by saw the troublesome trio attempting to leave the park that the police were called, who alerted the park’s staff.

The sleeping watchman woke up and on finding that the rhinos had escaped, gave chase.

Other park members and the park’s manager were then summoned to help round-up up the rhinos.

They were eventually able to herd the animals into a parking area just outside the park, before leading them back into their enclosure.

The sleeping guard was later fired.