Video: Tiny black bear cub filmed wandering the aisles of Oregon pharmacy

The bear had found himself in the pharmacy in Ashland, Oregon after becoming separated from his mother

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If you go down to the shops today, you're in for a big surprise.

At least residents in Ashland, Oregon were, when a trip to the shops saw them greeted by a tiny black bear cub wandering the aisles of their local pharmacy.

Surprised shoppers used their camera phones to film the inquisitive black bear cub as he investigated what was on offer in the Rite Aid store in Ashland last weekend.

The cub, estimated to be only a month old, had seemingly become separated from his mother and had had ended up in the Ashland area prior to his shopping trip. He was first spotted at a nearby hotel; however, after becoming bored there, he climbed out of a window, crossed the road and entered the pharmacy.

The bear then brazenly crawls past the nappies aisle and towards the stationery section, dodging onlooker’s attempts to capture him.

Police were eventually called to the scene and were able to scoop up the bear up in a shopping basket before taking it to the PAWS Wildlife Center in Oregon.

A spokesperson for the centre said that they would look after the bear until the spring, when they hope to release the bear back into the wild.