Video: Watch Australian news reporter get hit by flying skateboard on live television

Reporter Mike Amor has had a 25-year career that has seen him cover the September 11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina and the Libyan Rebellion

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It is probably the last thing any news reporter expects.

You are filming a live link for the morning news, and then whack, a flying skateboard smacks you in the back of the head.

But that is exactly what happened to Australian news reporter Mike Amor, when he was hit by a stray skateboard while live on television.

The footage that was broadcast on Australia’s Channel Seven Sunrise programme shows Mr Amor speaking to the camera for a piece on hover boards and the decision by legendary skater, Tony Hawks, to test them out.

However, just seconds after Mr Amor says to the camera, "You'd be right to be sceptical, thousands of traditional skateboarders", a board comes flying out of the bowl and hurtling towards the unwitting reporter’s head. As stunned observers come over to help Amor, in true Aussie style, he waves them away telling them that he is “good.”

Amor was so unaffected by the incident that after just a few minutes and a good rub of the head, he returned to finish his piece-to-camera.

This will be a new one for Channel Seven’s US correspondent, whose 25-year career has seen him cover the September 11 attacks, as well as the Libyan rebellion, Hurricane Katrina and two Fijian coups.