Video: Watch dog owner save pet from giant python's death grip

The brave owner used a branch to try to get the snake to loosen its grip on the dog

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A dramatic video has been released that shows the amazing moment a dog owner armed only with a branch was able to save his pet from becoming the lunch of one of the world’s largest snakes.

The footage taken in Karnataka, south-west India, captures the dog trapped in the death grip of a giant reticulated python.

Lifeless and unable to breathe, the odds looked stacked against the dog as the python continues wrap his body around the dog’s small frame.

However, the dog's owner has other ideas.

Keen to ensure that his pet does not become a “dog dinner”, the animal's brave owner grabs a nearby branch and begins to hit the large snake in an effort to try and scare it off.

Video courtesy of Ruptly

At first it seems as if the action has had no effect, with the snake maintaining his grip. However, a few more whacks sees the python loosen his grip and provide the dog with a window of opportunity to launch his escape.

The dog springs back to life, managing to wriggle free of the snake who, eventually, slithers off into the undergrowth.

Reticulated pythons are the world's longest snakes and can grow to nearly 23 ft, they usually feed on birds and small mammals in the wild, but when found close to human settlements, they have been known to eat dogs and, in some cases, people.

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According to local media reports, the dog was unharmed after the attack and can be heard barking off screen at the end of the video.