Video: Watch father despair after catching his two-year-old daughter cutting her own fringe

Two-year-old Tallulah said she cut off her fringe because it was getting in her eyes

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It is the type of thing no father wants to see, their two-year-old daughter walking towards them with a clump of hair in one hand, while uttering the words “Daddy, I cut my fringe.”

Well, that is exactly what happened to father Joel Veitch and luckily enough for internet users, he caught the whole thing on camera.

In a hilarious video taken by Veitch on Monday, we see his two-year-old daughter Tallulah walk towards her father carrying clumps of long blonde hair, while sporting a rather lop-sided new hairdo.

When Veitch, who lives with his family in Darley Dale, Derbyshire, asks her what she has done and why, she tells him plainly, “I have cut my fringe, because it was getting in my eyes.”

Video courtesy of Newsflare

After asking Tallulah’s older sister whether she had any part to play in the haircut, the very honest two-year-old cuts in and says, “I did it.”

The two-year-old then admits that she will not do it again and she should probably ask “mummy and daddy” first if she fancies carrying out some DIY styling in the future.

The video ends with Veitch telling his daughter, quite accurately, that her hair resembles that of Yolandi Visser, the mullet-sporting member of South African rap group Die Antwoord.


Yolandi 2.jpg
Yolandi Visser


Writing about the video online, her father says: “I came downstairs first thing in the morning to find that my two-year-old daughter Tallulah had got her first ever haircut… Unfortunately it was self-administered.”