Video: Watch Guinness World Record for tightest parallel park ever

Chinese stunt driver Han Yue was able to squeeze his Mini into a space just 3 in 15 bigger than his car

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A Chinese man has broken the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel park ever, by squeezing into a space that was just 3.15in bigger than his car.

In front of massive crowds at the China Drift Championship in Chongqing, stunt driver Han Yue was able to skid his Mini into the gap, beating the previous record that stood at 3.4in, set by British Alastair Moffatt in July last year.

The footage captures Han Yue drive up to the space at speed, before pulling up on the handbrake and spinning his vehicle perfectly between two other vehicles.

Han Yue’s feat last Friday, marks the second time he has had the parallel parking world record after previously holding it before it was broken by Mr Moffatt last year.

As if not impressive enough, Han Yue had very little time to mentally prepare for the record after forecasted rain meant that his attempt had to be pushed forward a day.

Reacting to his success, Han Yue said that it was great to bring the world record back to China and that it proved that it had some of the best drivers in the world.

Dissatisfied with one record for the day, Han Yue later joined fellow driver Zhang Shengjun to break the record for the most donut spins around a car driving on two wheels.

The stunt saw Zhang, drive a BMW M4 Coupe ten times in a minute around Han’s tilted Mini, the video can be seen here.