Video: Watch gym-goer expertly recover from treadmill fall with press-ups

Never take your eye off the treadmill

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It is any gym-goer's worst nightmare.

You are sweating away on a treadmill when something catches your eye.

Watching as you run, you lose your footing, start to stumble and fall off the machine.

That is exactly what happened to one gym enthusiast, but luckily for him he had a great way of recovering the situation. In the video uploaded onto YouTube on Friday, one eager gym-goer is captured running on a treadmill, when all of a sudden an attractive member of the opposite sex walks past.

Turning around to look at the woman, he quickly loses his bearings trips and then falls.

However, instead of lying on the floor recovering from his injuries, he perfectly saves face by converting what looks like a spectacular fall into press ups.

The video which appears to be the work of well-known viral prankster Roman Atwood has been a massive hit with YouTube users, gaining nearly 600,000 views in just four days.