Video: Watch hilarious fight between grumpy sledder and Disney characters

Local media reported that Dmitry Vagin was later arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour

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A hilarious video has been released that shows the moment a grumpy sledder picks a fight with a group of men dressed up as cartoon characters, and loses.

In the footage taken on Tuesday at a park in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, the sledder, Dmitry Vagin, is captured starting a fight with a man dressed up as Marty the Zebra from Disney’s Madagascar.

After kicking a sled at the Zebra, Vagin begins to push “Marty” and at one point even tries to remove his head.

Marty then fights back, getting the reportedly drunken Vagin into a headlock, before repeatedly kneeing him in the stomach.

Marty is then joined by two of his friends, one dressed up as fellow Madagascar character, Alex the Lion, and another one in the costume of Luntik, a pink alien who is a popular Russian children’s TV character.

As Vagin walks away in defeat, the two Madagascar characters are seen giving each other a high-five.

According to reports, Vagin was handed over to police following the incident and was later charged with drunk and disorderly behaviour.

This isn’t the only time in the last few months that a fight has been filmed involving a member of the public and a group dressed up as cartoon characters.

In August 2014, a group of men in cartoon costumes, including one dressed up as SpongeBob from the cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants, were seen attacking a man on a highway Chelyabinsk.

However, judging by the nature of the video, this one might have been staged.