Video: Watch incredible five-year-old Steve Roberson surf massive wave in Hawaii

Could this be the coolest five-year-old around?

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Incredible footage has emerged that shows a five-year-old surfing a huge wave off the coast of Hawaii.

The video recorded in October captures surfing prodigy Steve Roberson comfortably riding the 8 ft wave in Honolua Bay, Maui.

In the video, you can see other surfers look on in amazement as five-year-old Roberson navigates his way along the wave like a pro.

It also shows older surfers having to bail off their boards, unable to keep up with the amazing Roberson.

Roberson, alongside twins Justin & Eric 8, is one of three Hawaii-based brothers, known in surfing circles as ‘The Roberson Bros’, who have been coached by their father pro surfer father Kaleo Roberson from the age of two.

And it seems that 8 ft waves and strong currents are not the only things that do not phase ‘Baby Steve.’

Sharks are another thing that Roberson, who recently turned six, laughs in the face of.

According to his father, while the two were surfing in the waters of Maui in October, they were confronted by a massive 14-foot Tiger Shark.

After Kaleo Robeson managed to fight off the predator by kicking and punching the shark in the nose, local news reporters asked the youngest Roberson what he thought of the incident.

He replied simply: "That shark was a poopy poo."