Video: Watch rally team crash head-on with another car on an icy racing course

Fortunately, both drivers were unhurt in the crash

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Picture the scene; you are speeding down a pitch black road in the middle of winter, when all of a sudden another car comes hurtling straight towards you.

That is exactly what happened to one unwitting rally car driver when he filmed his spectacular head-on collision while driving on an icy rally course.

In the footage captured on the vehicle’s dashcam, the driver is filmed navigating his way along the race course, when a set of headlights appear ahead of him.

Unable to stop due to the ice and snow, the two cars slide towards each other and collide head on. In the video, we see both cars lose pieces from their fronts, but according to reports the drivers were not hurt.

The video, which took place last year, apparently took place in Istebna in Poland, according to one Reddit user. They said that someone from the safety team of the rally course accidentally let a civilian car onto the road. The rally car was a BMW E36 Compact and the other car was a Subaru Forest, according to the Reddit user.

It has recently gone viral, with nearly 200,000 people viewing it online.