Video: Watch Russian car fall into massive hidden crater

The car ended up on its back after falling into the hole in the city of Saratov in eastern Russia

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On the roads of Russia, there are many potential hazards for drivers to look out for.

Black ice, hidden pedestrians and crossing animals are all things that Russian drivers should be aware of.

The road falling away from beneath your wheels is not usually one of them.

However, it was for one unfortunate driver, when they found their 4x4 lying on its back after falling into a huge crater that had developed on a road in the city of Saratov in eastern Russia.

Video courtesy of Newsflare

In the footage taken from the dashcam of another driver on 17 November, we see the car lying upside down in the hole as the driver stands beside his vehicle looking on in amazement at what has just happened.

As the motorist drives past the upended vehicle you can hear him shout expletives, before carrying on his journey along the crater-filled road.

According to reports, no one was injured as a result of the incident and the video appears to show the vehicle’s owner on his phone by the side of the car.