Video: Watch this Russian donkey hilariously run off with police officer on its back

The hilarious video came from police officers in Russia's Republic of Dagestan

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Like a real life game of Russian Buckaroo, one Russian police officer was left clinging on for dear life after a donkey he was riding unexpectedly ran off.

In the hilarious video uploaded by Ruptly on Tuesday, the thickset officer is captured sitting proudly on his trusted stead in the city of Makhachkala in the Republic of Dagestan,

However, the donkey doesn’t prove as trusted as first thought, when, without any warning, the animal decides to turn around and sprint off.

Video courtesy of Ruptly

The video then shows the officer clinging to the donkey’s mane donkey as it speeds off bouncing against a wall on the way.

The officer’s ordeal is found amusing by his colleagues who can be heard laughing at their friend’s unfortunate donkey ride.