Video: Watch unexpected collision between cyclist and deer

Silas Patlove says he remembers very little about the crash that was captured on his head-mounted camera

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As a cyclist there are a lot of potential hazards to watch out for when on the road.

Uneven road surfaces, debris on the road or finding yourself in a driver’s blind spot are but a few.

A rogue deer jumping out in front of you isn't.

For one biker in California however, this is exactly what he should have been looking out for after a deer unexpectedly leaped out in front of him and knocked him off his bike.

Silas Patlove was cycling on the hard shoulder of Alexander Avenue road in Sausalito, California on 14 December when the collision occurred.

According to Patlove, he remembers very little about the crash that was captured on his head mounted camera.

“I don't remember it,” Patlove wrote in n the description below the YouTube clip.

“I landed on my back, and hit the back of my Giro helmet, which probably saved me from serious brain injury.”

He added: “Although I had a mild concussion with a bit of memory loss around the event, I am very grateful to have escaped feeling only a little banged up.

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“I cannot speak to the deer's injuries.”

The video was uploaded onto YouTube on Sunday and has already gone viral, gaining nearly 750,000 views.