Watch a sea lion leap aboard a moving fishing boat in the hopes of being fed

The sea lion had been chasing the boat, hoping for a fish feeding

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A remarkable video has emerged of a sea lion doggedly chasing a boat going 25mph and jumping aboard in the hopes of being fed a fish dinner.

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Last month, off the coast of Mexico in Cabo San Lucas, a fisherman observed a hungry sea lion keeping up with his boat and decided to open a hatch to allow him to jump aboard, the Telegraph reported.

While this creature was determined, he didn't seem dangerous. That's not always the case with sea lions.

The filmer, who reportedly posted the video under the name tony1971, said: "Sea Lions often follow fishing boats in Cabo San Lucas in the hope of getting a free meal."

It is not known whether this hungry sea lion was Pepe, the region's notorious boat chaser and fish taker.

It has been reported that Pepe was recently filmed approaching two fisherman as they held fish they had caught. He grabbed one right out of their hands.

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Elsewhere, in sadder sea lion news, it is reported that eight of the animal have turned up dead with gunshot wounds on beaches in San Diego, California.

This spate of attacks is unusual for the region, Seaworld told local media, leading to speculation that the violence was caused by frustrated fishermen.