Watch BBC weather presenter Wendy Hurrell's joy turn to ashes in her mouth on live TV

2013 video resurfaced during Wimbledon

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The handover from meteorologist to anchor in news broadcasts is always horrendously awkward, filled with fake gratitude and false smiles.

This was laid bare quite hilariously during a Wimbledon weather update in 2013, when the BBC's Wendy Hurrell didn't realise she was still being filmed.

With Wimbledon back on TV, the moment is getting a lot of shares on Twitter again this morning.

"Wendy, thanks very much. And that's all from the London team this evening…" the anchor said, launching into their usual outro.

Hurrell's beaming smile quickly disappeared, replaced by a look of sheer "uuuugh".

It was a fairly innocent blunder, certainly not as egregious as pulling a Schafernaker (giving the anchor the middle finger) or a McCoy (mistakenly picking up a stack of paper instead of an iPad).