Watch five-time X-Games BMX gold medallist Daniel Dhers perform incredible tricks from the back of a moving truck


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Most people might believe that jobs can't get much more exhilarating than being a professional BMX rider, but for Daniel Dhers even a stationary ramp has lost its thrill.

Instead, the 28-year-old Venezuelan rider has taken his extreme sport to a whole new level by attempting to ride a half-pipe - on the back of a moving truck.

The footage shows Dhers minding his own business on the streets of Peru, when he just happens to see a truck with two ramps on the back conveniently edge alongside him.

Realising that he can ride the truck, we soon see the five-time X-Games gold medallist displaying his range of flips and swivels, wowing the gathered crowds as he travels through the capital city Lima.

Following in the footsteps of Felix Baumgartner's freefall from space, this is another example from Red Bull of how a public stunt can be used as a... publicity stunt.

Watch Dhers in action below