Watch hungry squirrel get sent spinning on 'booby-trapped' bird feeder - video

When a squirrel wants its food, it really wants its food

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This hungry squirrel showed that there was nothing getting between it and its food after it was filmed being violently spun around by a “booby-trapped” birdfeeder.

Undeterred by the feeder’s height from the ground, the small rodent is filmed jumping on the device in an attempt to get at the food.

However, within seconds the feeder’s "anti-squirrel" technology kicks into gear spinning the animal around at high speeds.For nearly a minute, the squirrel can be seen holding on for the dear life as seeds scatter across the ground.

However, the canny squirrel has a plan, and after ensuring enough seeds have fallen out for an adequate lunch, he jumps off the feeder and begins to feast.

The video maker can be heard laughing in the background when she realises squirrel’s clever trick.

The hilarious footage was posted online by YouTube user Arielle Schoen on Wednesday and has already proven popular on a number of websites.