Watch: Micro pig walks on treadmill, melts the hearts of thousands

The tiny speckled animal looks to be enjoying the exercise as she trots along on the treadmill

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A young micro pig has become the Internet’s latest animal star after the tiny hog was captured walking on a treadmill.

The porky little animal is seen walking along, wagging its tail, briefly stopping ever so often before stepping up the pace to make sure she doesn’t fall off.

The video was uploaded to Youtube by a breeder of the animals based in Bedfordshire and has since received tens of thousands of views.

Released under the title ‘Young micro pig needs to lose a little weight’, the genius marketing strategy has managed to melt the hearts of the majority of viewers.

The specially bred teacup pigs grow to around 16 inches tall, but can get bigger, or be as small as 12 inches tall fully grown.

A popular fixture with celebrities over the last few years, David Beckham and Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint are reportedly among the proud owners of the animals.