Watch: Mum embarrasses son on Facebook for not calling her from university

Don't mess with mum

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Just because you're old enough to move out of the family home and go to university doesn't mean you can just forget about your parents.

That's what Ann Pinto McCarney told her teenage son Liam in a sarcastic Facebook video-gone-viral.

Nearly a million people have watched Ms McCarney recall all the motherly things she has done for her son, only to be rewarded with radio silence.

He hadn't called her since he moved out of his childhood bedroom and into his dorm room.

Well guess it's safe to say that Liam McCarney is well adjusted at college! That being said a Mammas gotta call him out!

Posted by Ann Pinto McCarney on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Hi Liam, do you remember me? I'm your mommy! I gave birth to you," is how she opens the five-minute clip.

"Well actually, I didn't give birth, I had to have a C-section to get you out — big scar and hurt like hell — but that's okay."

She goes on to talk about how she fed him, how she held him, how she took him to karate lessons, and how she snooped on his texts to his girlfriend.

Liam called her the next day. I guess it worked.