Watch outrageous Christmas light displays illuminate towns around the world

From the Pope turning on a 750m tree in Italy to the Californian town that has coordinated its lighting to music - people really do go all out for Christmas

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There’s only 15 days to go until the big day and from Italy to America to London’s Trafalgar Square, Christmas lights have been switched on around the world.

In Italy, Pope Francis proved just how modern he is, when he used a tablet to light Gubbio’s Christmas lights on the Italian town’s 750 metre tree – reportedly the largest in the world.

In a video released yesterday, the Pope wished viewers a “Very holy and Happy Christmas”, and added: “A Christmas without light isn’t Christmas. We need light in our soul, in our hearts. We need to forgive others and ensure that there are no enemies because this brings shadows.”

Meanwhile, Californian resident of Yucaipa also celebrated the run-up to the holiday season by coordinating an entire street’s lighting.

An aerial video uploaded by local Jeff Maxey filmed his street as each house’s decorations moved in synch with a Mariah Carey song. It’s apparently the fourth year residents have banded together to create a special display.

On the other side of America, crowds gathered in New York City turned out to see the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Lights, consisting of 45,000 individual bulbs, get switched on.

In Florida one home’s lights have been labelled the “ultimate Christmas display”, carefully coordinated to sparkle.

Perhaps for a different age-group, a family – presumably with young children – themed their Christmas lights to the popular Disney film Frozen’s most famous song: ‘Let It Go’.

No doubt their neighbours are delighted to hear that blare out every evening.

And finally, but by no means least, crowds gathered in Trafalgar Square earlier this week to see the giant Christmas tree in the centre of London get its lights turned on.