Tube ticket barrier sounds like Blur's Song 2

Sadly no reports of a Routemaster singing Wonderwall

What with all the inexplicable red signals and sudden, sweaty, mass embarkation, you have to make your own fun when travelling on the Tube, as one commuter did when they took the time to video a barrier that sounds a bit like Blur's Song 2.

The barrier audibly 'woo-hoo's as it swings open at Canary Wharf station, the sort of ecstatic exclamation that sounds alien amid all the rustling of Oyster cards and moaning about delays.

Uploaded by Ritch Ames, the video delighted fellow commuters and quickly hit the magic number of 301+ on YouTube, with Ames noting that the barrier even managed to scream in the right key.

There hasn't been scenes of A machine gaining sentience like this since a motion-activated hand towel dispenser mimicked Taylor Swift.

Move over Grammys, the biggest music news of the week is here (Picture: Ritch Ames)