WWE-style fight breaks out in coffee shop for seemingly no reason

CCTV footage captures the moment where a quiet café becomes the scene of an old-fashioned beat down
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A quiet coffee shop became the venue for a brawl between two groups both intent on using chairs as their weapon of choice.

In scenes reminiscent of a WWE no-holds-barred match, three men turned on their friend – first by smashing a glass over his head, and then turned to the café chairs as weapons to use.

Watch the chair fight below.

But, it wasn’t a handicap match for too long as the injured man soon had back-up with three other men coming to his aid. Madness then ensues, chairs flying everywhere with no referee one in sight to calm proceedings.

The commotion quickly spilled into the streets leaving behind several broken chairs and glasses.

There is no audio recording so the reasons for the brawl remain unclear; we can only imagine what kind of WWE-style storyline there might be behind the violence.