YouTube video sees cat get glorious vengeance on man playing guitar

The cat turned what would otherwise have been a boring video of a man playing guitar into a beautiful display of karma

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A not-so pampered pet managed to get revenge for being shoved out of its sleeping spot by a man wielding a guitar.

In what would have otherwise been a video of someone playing bad music, the man, presumably the cat’s owner, is seen pulling the cat from the chair by the scruff of its neck, dumping it unceremoniously on the ground, and then giving it a kick to push it further away. 

As he sits down and plays the first few notes of his song, the cat is seen shooting up the staircase behind him after a dog barks in the background.

The cat knocks a plant pot from one of the steps, which falls and crashes down over the man’s head.


It almost seems too good to be true, but the video is definitely one of the best examples of karma the internet has produced for a while.