What Labour MPs think of tyheir NEW CLAUSE IV

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I do not think that Mr Blair has by any means solved all his problems with `old Labour' but he has made a good start - Lord Jenkins of Hillhead, ex-Labour Chancellor and SDP founder

Labour is undergoing a belated conversion to Thatcherism as people are rejecting greed and showing distaste at the highly-paid scavengers picking over the entrails of the public utilities - Ken Gill, ex-leader of the MSF

Everything but the kitchen sink is in there. I expected more poetry, something more persuasive, but I suppose it is something even if it is 30 years late - Lord Rodgers, ex-Labour minister and SDP founder

When people hear that Michael Portillo has condemned it as an extreme document even before he has read it I think they will like it even more - Michael Foot, former Labour leader

At last the Labour Party is now in support of a rational modern leadership - Eric Hammond, ex-leader of the old right-wing electricians' union

The paradox at the moment is that the Labour Party is cheering the leader because they think he'll win. The City and press are cheering him because they think he's going to destroy socialism - Tony Benn, MP