What they said about the vote

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`The fact is that a lot of MPs, even today, do not seem to know that this law will allow .22 multi-shot handguns to be legally held.

`This is a betrayal of the trust of the British people in general and the Scottish people in particular. They have betrayed the trust vested in them.' Mrs Anne Pearston, co-ordinator of the Dunblane Snowdrop Petition

`If a mad, crazed, suicidal gunman with 743 rounds of ammunition was to come into this chamber and to kill 17 Members of Parliament and to gravely injure 15 others and then shoot himself within a matter of minutes, would we have waited eight months to be discussing a partial ban on the very instrument which killed so many legislators of this land?`

George Robertson, Shadow Scottish Secretary

`This is a sad night for society, a sad night for democracy and a night of shame for the House of Commons. The Government have ignored the will of the people and let slip an historic opportunity to halt the growth of the gun culture.'

Alex Salmond, leader, Scottish National Party