WHAT YOU COULD BUY FOR pounds 100,000

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t Studies of an Artichoke - 17th-century still-life by Jan Brueghel the Younger, from Sotheby's.

t 1968 Phantom VI Limo Rolls Royce in mint condition.

t 115 nights in the Ritz's most expensive room (pounds 865 a night).

t Three one-bedroom flats in north Belfast (pounds 35,000 each).

t Cessnock Castle, Strathclyde, with 20 acres (pounds 95,000).

t 25 bottles of Harrods' most expensive cognac (Thomas Hine Cognac, pounds 3,950 each).

t Six-carat G-colour solitaire diamond ring from Tiffany and Co, jewellers.

t A round-the-world cruise for yourself and two friends on the Canberra - pounds 32,000 each.

t Harrods' "Sparkle Queen" ceramic doll encrusted with gemstones (most expensive doll in the world)