When newspapers are beyond belief

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The diference between fact and fiction in newspaper reporting is becoming increasingly blurred, according to a survey of nearly 100 public figures.

Labour MP Ken Livingstone (pictured) and game show host Bob Holness believe that 80 per cent of all press reports are unfair; Lord Archer and EastEnders star Wendy Richards believe that 70 per cent of reports are unfair and publicist Max Clifford believes that 60 per cent should be taken with a pinch of salt, the survey by the Durrants press cuttings agency reveals. In contrast, the former madam Cynthia Payne believes that 95 per cent of press reports are fair and accurate. Game show host Nicholas Parsons and agony aunt Claire Rayner declare that 80 per cent of reports are fair and accurate. Industrialist and troubleshooter Sir John Harvey-Jones believes that 75 per cent are truthful.