Who's Who On The Davies Committee

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Gavyn Davies

Chief international economist at Goldman Sachs. Millionaire New Labour insider married to one of Chancellor's closest advisers. Former member of the Government's economic forecasting panel.

Rabbi Julia Neuberger

Chief executive of the King's Fund and member of the General Medical Council. She served for 12 years as Rabbi to the South London Liberal Synagogue and is chancellor of the University of Ulster.

Lord Newton of Braintree

Better known as Tony Newton, former Tory cabinet minister and John Major loyalist. Was an MP for 25 years and held health and social security posts before becoming Leader of the House.

Helen Black

The trade unionist on the panel. She is head of health in Unison's southern region and former regional officer for the health workers' union. She was also a campaign worker for local community health initiatives.

Lord Gordon of Strathblane

One of the founders of Independent Local Radio when he set up Radio Clyde in 1972.Chairman of the very successful Scottish Radio Holdings company and one of the most respected figures in commercial radio.

Ruth Evans

Until last year she was the director of the National Consumer Council and is former general secretary of the development charity War on Want. Before that, she was director of the mental health charity Mind.

Sir Alan Budd

Professional economist and member of the Bank of England's monetary policy committee. An opponent of over-regulation and a believer in the free market but not known as a rabid ideologue.

Lord Lipsey

Long-standing policy wonk and journalist. Former adviser to Anthony Crosland and Jim Callaghan, he was New Labour before Tony Blair. Advised on Jenkins electoral reform commission. New member of great and good.