Wife's plea to missing father as son is born

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THE WIFE of a doctor who disappeared without trace more than eight months ago has given birth to his son, it was announced yesterday.

Dr Jane Noble, 30, gave birth to a 10lb 12oz boy on Monday night - and hopes that news of the birth will reach her missing husband, Dr Matthew Choyce, and persuade him to return to their home in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dr Noble's twin sister, Ann, a cancer research doctor, helped with the delivery, and their mother, Dr Mary Noble, 68, a social anthropology researcher, was also on hand.

The baby has been named Iain Matthew after Dr Noble's father and husband, said the proud mother, adding: "It would have been nice to have had Matthew here with me at the birth. I'm sure he would have loved to have been here."

Dr Noble, who became pregnant four weeks before her husband disappeared, said: "The most important thing is for Matthew to come back. He won't be in any trouble. Everyone - friends, family and colleagues - just wants to know he's OK. I need Matthew to help with the baby - he's very good with kids and really loves them.

"I just want him to get in touch, to let him know how I am, how beautiful our baby is, to find out how he is and hug us close together. We really are a family now.

"If he wants to make a new start somewhere else in the UK or abroad with me - then I would drop everything for him.

"If anyone sees Matthew I would like them to tell him that his wife and child love him, and I miss him deeply."

Dr Choyce, 34, an Old Etonian and Oxford graduate, disappeared from his home in Heaton without warning some time between 4am and 7.17am on 6 October. He was believed to be under stress over his career as a casualty doctor at Sunderland Royal Hospital, Wearside, and was considering making his next step to become a consultant.

His grey Renault Clio, nowat the family home, was found on the seafront at Tynemouth. Inside was a note which, while rambling, gave no suggestion that he might be about to kill himself. His bank account has not been touched, and he also left behind his credit card, passport and driving licence.

Dr Noble continued working on her PhD at Newcastle University after her husband disappeared, and has now taken six months' maternity leave.

Dr Choyce knew about his wife's pregnancy a week before he disappeared, and was keen to start a family.