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GIVEN THE choice yesterday between a stroll in the glorious sun or a meander round the courts, the St John Ambulance crew opted to stay in the bowels of No 1 court and watch a funeral on television. Was there any special reason why they chose to see Cardinal Hume's farewell service? Did the nature of the job, perhaps, instil high levels of morbidity into leisure activities? "No, but tennis is just so boring," said the crew's senior officer.

Are there are no tennis fans here? "Well, I like Anna Kournikova," said one lad. Why not watch her on one of the in-house channels? "We like to know what's going on in London," interjected the senior officer, gesturing at the Cardinal's passing. End of debate

Today's number: 3

Number of Wimbledon credit cards - standard, gold and platinum. Three is also the number of default fees (ranging from pounds 12 to pounds 15) for late payers.