Wimbledon Corner: Dispatches from SW19

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THE BBC announced yesterday that it had secured the exclusive rights to broadcast Wimbledon in this country until 2004 but the Corporation still lags some way behind its foreign counterparts in how many hours of the Championships it screens. While official figures show that Auntie brought us 163 hours and two minutes of the tournament on television last year, viewers in New Zealand enjoyed 272 hours and 30 minutes and viewers in North Korea saw 165 hours and 56 minutes. Fans in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Guam, enjoyed 166 hours and 36 minutes each, despite having no players competing.

Today's number: 950

The number of bottles of Lanson champagne estimated to have been sold yesterday. The bubbly, produced especially for the Championships and carrying the official Wimbledon logo, sells for pounds 33.50 a bottle.